Peter Pulizzi

Founder & CEO

Peter was raised in Southern California graduating from Mater Dai high school. At a young age Peter began his career in a family owned and operated business, Pulizzi Engineering Inc. After 34 years and as the VP of Operations Pulizzi Engineering was sold and Peter retired.

In 2018 Peter came out of retirement and founded J-CAT Safety Products. After rigorous testing and multiple prototypes, he was able to develop the J-CAP Safety Cover, the first ever of its kind. Peter successfully completed and passed Cal/OSHA’s stringent drop test certifying the J-CAP. The process was conducted at J-CATS own facility. Again, another first.

Peter’s passion for safety in the construction industry is obvious when you look and feel the J-CAP Safety Cover. Peter also has pride for the USA which is why every component being used to create the J-CAP Safety Cover is done here in the USA.

Peter places so much love and emphasis on family, therefore creating a family operated business that can be passed on through the generations.