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J-CAT Safety Products was founded to addressing one of the most prevalent safety hazards in the construction industry, Impalement. Before J-CAT, the only solution to exposed metal brackets where plastic flower pots and random buckets. This “solution” Did very little to to eliminate the hazard.

We’ve set out to eliminate the use of flower pots and buckets, because even one impalement is too many.

Research & Development

The research and development for the J-CAT product line was rigorous. We went through Countless tests and prototypes to create the best, most comprehensive solution. A product which could disperse the energy exerted, and guide the blades of the post bracket safely away from falling individuals.

We worked in partnership with renowned engineering companies such as Simpson Strong-Tie and Mitek to pioneer an innovative energy dispersing design, We chose the lightest, most durable metal available, and made sure each feature of our products fit their function in order to deliver the best product at the best price.

Two products resulted from from our R&D process. The J-CAP™ Brush Guard (BG), and the OSHA Approved (OA) J-CAP™.

The J-CAP™ BG is the residential solution to exposed post brackets. It protects against injury when projects are in their intermediate stages. Not only are metal brackets dangerous for adults, but they are even more of a hazard for small children and pets. The J-CAP™ Brush Guard provides piece of mind to homeowners, by not only reducing the danger of impalement, but by eliminating it.

The OA J-CAP™ is designed for contractors and construction sites. This reusable safety cap with its AR400 metal plate addresses the specific needs of contractors. It is designed to stop punctures of the cap under the most extreme circumstances. Repetitive stress testing and fine tuning went into ensuring that when you properly secure an OA J-CAP™ in place, impalement risk is highly reduced.

At J-CAT Safety Products, we aim to be at the forefront of safety. Our goal is to increase the safety of every job site in America by equipping the construction safety industry with an innovative product. We believe that infrastructure is the backbone of our country, and construction workers deserve the best when it comes to protection.

Do you have your guys back? Let us help you.

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