Flat Metal Nail Concrete Forming Stakes

Caps for Metal Post

Caps for Metal Post

Caps for metal post have been needed in the construction field for years as Flat Metal Nail Concrete Forming Stakes are a potential impalement hazard causing serious injuries if someone were to trip over or fall onto them. This accident can be a costly mistake if not properly covered. J-CAT Safety Products is one of the very few OSHA-compliant and Cal/OSHA approved (C-1741-AG) companies that offers a solution… the J-CAP® Safety Cover.

How to Install J-CAP® Safety Caps For Metal Post

The J-CAP® Safety Cover is designed to fit over 1-1/2 x 3/8-inch flat metal concrete forming stakes. Place each J-CAP® over the protruding end of the flat metal concrete forming stake. Ensure the J-CAP® is securely attached to the protruding vertical end of the flat metal concrete forming stake by attaching the cable seal. You may notice some play in the stake, this is normal, especially for new stakes. Attaching the cable seal will help prevent unauthorized or accidental removal. A J-CAP® Safety Cover can be tied down to most 1-1/2 x 3/8-inch metal concrete stakes.

In addition to the J-CAP® Safety Cover being fully reusable, it will ensure that you are compliant with OSHA regulations that pertain to exposed steel. It can also help to mitigate any workplace injuries that may result in loss of man hours due to loss of time, as well as workman’s compensation claims, which could potentially cost a substantial amount of money to your company. Help to avoid worksite impalement injuries, expensive lawsuits, and potential OSHA fines with J-CAT Safety caps.

Affordable and reusable, our safety caps are designed to fit easily and securely to potentially prevent serious injury and possible job site penalties with our proven J-CAP® safety cover.

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Our Solution is The J-CAP® Safety Cover

Eliminate the danger from exposed metal with the highly visible, fully reusable, and rugged J-CAP®

Engineered and built with one goal in mind, PROTECTION! The J-CAP® safety cover helps protect against lacerations and impalements from slips, trips, and falls. In addition to injuries, the J-CAP® safety cover protects against costly fines from OSHA. The J-CAP® also safeguards you from attorney fees and court costs related to lawsuits by not providing OSHA-mandated impalement protection on your job site when one of your employees injures themselves.