The Gold Standard for High Level Impalement Protection and Construction Site Safety

At J-CAT Safety Products we are dedicated to providing the highest level protection for construction sites. From large corporate construction jobs to small do-it-yourself home projects our products can help protect against impalement and lacerations from slips, trips and falls.

The J-CAP™ SG1000-OA is an energy dispersing nylon metal cap designed to help protect against impalement from exposed metal brackets, flat metal concrete forming stakes and 4”, 6” or 8” series post base brackets. When using the J-CAP™ SG1000-OA on your construction site it assures you will be OSHA compliant under (section 5(a)(1)).

The J-CAP™ SG1000-OA is the only commercially available OSHA compliant solution to help protect you against impalement injuries on the job site and provide you peace of mind. This in turn helps to protect your business from a lawsuit or an OSHA violation which both are extremely costly.

Unlike traditional plastic buckets or handmade wooden troughs that are placed over the exposed metal, the J-CAP™ is designed to withstand direct impact.

Our Products

The J-CAP™ safety covers are sold and manufactured by J-CAT Safety Products. The J-CAP™ is designed to fit over the standard 4”, 6” and 8” series post base brackets, flat metal concrete forming stakes and exposed metal brackets such as Strap-Tie holdown from Simpson Strong-Tie. Through rigorous testing, we have developed the J-CAP™ to be used in both commercial and residential construction.

The J-CAP™ safety cover is designed to disperse the energy of a falling object and help prevent lacerations and impalements from slips, trips and falls. Both the SG1000-OA and the SG1000-BG are brightly colored, fully reusable, rugged and come with a security tie down device to prevent accidental knock off or theft. To ensure you are selecting the right J-CAP™ for your job, contact our customer service to get more information.

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The Industry Solution is not a Solution

The current industry “solution” is a plastic bucket or a handmade wooden trough. This opens the door for an impalement injury, lawsuit and citation from OSHA.

Our Solution is The J-CAP™ Safety Cover

Eliminate the danger from exposed metal with the highly visible, fully reusable and rugged J-CAP™

Engineered and built with one goal in mind, PROTECTION! The J-CAP™ safety cover helps protect against lacerations and impalements from slips, trips and falls. In addition to injuries, the J-CAP™ safety cover protects against costly fines from OSHA. The J-CAP™ also safe guards you from attorney fees and court costs related to lawsuits by not providing the OSHA mandated impalement protection on your job site when one of your employees injures themselves.