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J-CAT SAFETY PRODUCTS, INC. has engineered a safety cover solution for column bases and metal nail concrete forming stakes to help prevent job site lacerations and impalement. Introducing the J-CAP® Safety Cover. Made of strong glass reinforced recyclable polyethylene material. Our universally-designed product covers most column base brackets and post bases, along with metal flat nail forming stakes. Our OSHA approved safety cap uses an AR400 steel plate (bullet stopping power) to prevent impalement from falls at 7.5 ft up to 250 lbs. We sell our products directly to the consumer, contractors and construction companies. Please visit our online store for individual and smaller boxed quantities. For quantities larger than 100 units, please request a quote.

Our Story

Standard Solution is not a solution

The current and often standard solution for covering exposed column bases are often overturned buckets, which are unreliable and are not sturdy enough to protect from physical harm.

Our Solution:
J-CAP® Safety Cover

Eliminate the danger from exposed post brackets with highly visible post column safety covers.

Built from an engineered thermal plastic compound, our universally designed product covers most column and post bases along with metal forming stakes, while protecting against accidental lacerations and implements from trip and falls on construction sites both commercial and residential.

The J-CAP® safety cover solves a very serious problem that has been overlooked for far too long. Helping you create a safe working environment during all phases of construction is J-CAT’s goal. Make sure your job site is completely free from this dangerous post bracket liability.

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